Sarwanam Art Center Activities

Sarwanam has been continuously doing proscenium theatre since its establishment. Its versatility lies in performing the same play inside theatre halls and on streets. Along with the capital city, Kathmandu, Sarwanam has traveled far and wide, inside and outside Nepal to present their plays. It has also performed popular proscenium plays in countries like India, Bangladesh and Hong Kong.

Sarwanam initiated street theatre in Nepal by performing two plays, "Hami Basanta Khojiraachau" (We are searching for the spring) and "Samapta Asamapta" (End unend) in A.D 1982. By breaking the strong conservative myth that theatre could not be performed without a stage, lights, curtains, props and all such technical equipments, Sarwanam marveled everyone by showcasing a heart touching play beneath the colossal sky. The play was performed in Tribhuwanm University, Kathmandu and was directed by Sarwanam's founder and director Ashesh Malla.

SARWANAM has organized street drama workshop in Nepal and abroad. In Nepal it has carried out street theatre workshop in 42 districts of Nepal. Similarly, it has organized a theatre workshop on street theatre for school children in Norway.

In A.D 2002, Sarwanam organized a poetry recitation program, "Sarwanam Poem 2002" by Nepal's 24 leading poets like Rastra Kabi (Nation's Poet) Madav Prashad Ghimire, Ishwor Ballav, Tulasi Diwas and Dwarika Shrestha. Theatre critic Abhi Subedi had critically spoken at the event.

In the play “Mrityutsav”,artist Mukesh Malla created a painting which expressed the drama's theme in a 3×4 feet canvas in the same stage where the drama was being performed.This street play which was staged in Hyderbad, India is a new kind of presentation in the history of world theatre.

SARWANAM is the pioneer of the street theatre in the country. With a view to bridge in the gap between the audience and actors and to deliver the essence of drama in the rural Nepal where Drama-infrastructure is lacking, it brought down the theatre to street. So, to commemorate the day when the street drama was first performed in the country by SARWANAM, it celebrates a Weeklong Street Drama Festival nation wide from Bhadra 20 to 27 annually.

Till date, SARWANAM has already produced over a dozen of Tele-films based on human rights and child rights. It has also produced a Tele-film on psychology of Adolescence for SAVE the Children US. Similarly, SARWANAM has prepared a number of radio dramas for various organizations and agencies.

  1. Bhai Teeka - 2042
  2. Ghar Bhitrako Akash - 2042
  3. Tunwalole Dhakeko Basti - 2042
  4. Anuttar - 2043
  5. Antaral- 2045
  6. Ek Rat - 2047
  7. Pratibodh - 2047
  8. Parajit - 2049
  9. Terha Barsa - 2049
  10. Abesh - 20