Dramatic Art Center

“Every Artist in Nepal is searching for space”- Ashesh Malla

It was the search for an artistic space that led Sarwanam to construct a unique performing art building in Kalikasthan, the heart of Kathmandu. This dramatic art building, the first of its kind in Nepal, includes a theatre auditorium, an art gallery, a library and research centre, an art workshop hall and a cafeteria.

The Sarwanam Dramatic Art Centre offers space for all kinds of creative work, for artists as well as for the audience, for the performing and visual arts, for adults and children, for professionals as well as for people who are simply curious.

Next to showing plays, movies and art exhibitions, the Dramatic Art Centre welcomes you for meetings and discussions with the artists. By becoming a member of the book club, theatre club or film club, you can explore your own creativity to understand and simply enjoy art. You can also share the process of creating art during public rehearsals and on special occasions when art is being created in the art gallery. One day will be especially dedicated to children.