Sarwanam Art Gallery as one of the best contemporary galleries in Nepal.

Sarwanam Art Gallery

Sarwanam Art Gallery is an offshoot of the Sarwanam Theatre Group which was established in 1982 by renowned playwright Ashesh Malla and pioneered political street theatre in Nepal. The spacious, 30-square metre art gallery, or ‘kaladeergha’, provides an interactive experience for visitors with each exhibition featuring a ‘meet the artist’ segment. The gallery has shown the works of emerging Nepalese artists Bidhata KC and Saran Tandukar, and collaborated with Sarwanam Theatre on a project merging art and drama in which acclaimed abstract artist Mukesh Malla created a painting on stage as the play Mrityutsav was unfolding, expressing the themes of the drama. The Sarwanam building also hosts film screenings, including Dipendra Bhandari’s 2011 documentary Journey to Yarsa, which follows a Nepalese family as they search for yarsagumba, a caterpillar fungus with medicinal properties, in the Himalayan foothills.

Sarwanam Art GalleryKalikasthan Bashghyang, Kalika Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal, +977-1-4011027