Street Theatre

Sarwanam initiated street theatre in Nepal when Ashesh Malla wrote, directed and performed two plays, "Hami Basanta Khojiraachau" (We are searching for the spring) and "Samapta Asamapta" (End unend) in A.D 1982. By breaking the strong conservative myth that plays cannot be performed without stage, lights, curtains and props, Sarwanam surprised Nepalese by performing a heart touching play below the colossal sky. The plays were shown amid hundreds of audience in Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu.

For a developing country like Nepal, proscenium theatre is an expensive art. Most of the districts in Nepal lack well equipped halls. Street theatre has popularized theatre culture in Nepal as it can be performed anywhere. It is due to street theatre that today plays are constantly performed even in the most rural parts of Nepal. This artistic medium has also proved very effective to create awareness among people while engaging and entertaining them.