Sarwanam Goes Global

Along with being the leading theatre group of Nepal, Sarwanam has created its own niche in the world theatre. Mr. Ashesh Malla was the chief guest of the prestigious International Liverpool Theatre Festival held in Canada, where he performed a solo play. Sarwanam is a member of many International Theatre Organizations. Some are listed below:

  1. Member, Asian Council for People's Culture (ACPC), Philippines
  2. Member-Secretary, South Asian Theatre Committee (SATCO), Nepal.
  3. Member, PP 21st Century
  4. Member, International Theatre Institute (ITI), France
  5. Member, Asian People's Theatre Festival Society (APTOS), Japan
  6. Member, Asian Culture Forum on Development, (ACFOD), Thailand
  7. Member, International Forum Theatre (IFT), UK
  8. Member, International Playback Theatre Network (IPTN), UK
  9. Member, ARTEN

SARWANAM has participated in the following international festivals:

  1. International Street Theatre Festival in 1992 - Pakistan
  2. International Street Theatre Festival in 1993 - Bangladesh.
  3. International Street Theatre Festival in 1994 -Nepal
  4. International Theatre Olympiad- 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 2000 - India.
  5. International Playback Theatre Festival 1996- Hong Kong.
  6. Liverpool International Theatre Festival- Canada
  7. International Children’s Theatre Festival- India
  8. International theatre festival - Delhi (India) 2007
  9. International theatre festival - Bareli (India) 2008
  10. International theatre festival - Delhi (India) 2009
  11. International theatre festival - Canada 2009
  12. International theatre festival - Bangkok (Thailand) 2009

In 1994, Sarwanam organized Third International Street Drama Festival in Kathmandu Nepal (1994). The following countries participated in the festival:

  1. NEPAL
  2. INDIA

Dramas Performed abroad by SARWANAM:

  1. I Mean We – UK, South Korea, Taiwan.
  2. Men and Water - UK, Netherlands.
  3. The Big Wind – A collaboration presentation from Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Taiwan, Australia, The United States and Thailand – performed in all the partner countries.
  4. Era 2000/I Mean We/Banned Voices – India.
  5. Another Mirage – Bangladesh.
  6. Additional Sky/ We are searching for Spring/ Here is Gorkhali – HongKong.
  7. I Mean We/Additional Sky – Pakistan.