What we do

Since its inception, whenever Sarwanam performs proscenium theatre, people line up in the theatre halls to watch its heart rendering plays. Popular plays like Sadak Dekhi Sadak Samma, Raktabeej, Ek Raat and Mrityu Utsav are still a favorite among theatre lovers of Nepal. Ashesh Malla’s versatility lies in creating a play that can be performed both inside theatre halls and on streets. Along with the capital city, Kathmandu, Sarwanam has traveled all over Nepal and abroad to present their plays.

Sarwanam initiated street theatre in Nepal when Ashesh Malla wrote, directed and performed two plays, "Hami Basanta Khojiraachau" (We are searching for the spring) and "Samapta Asamapta" (End unend) in A.D 1982. By breaking the strong conservative myth that plays cannot be performed without stage, lights, curtains and props, Sarwanam surprised Nepalese by performing a heart touching play below the colossal sky. The plays were shown amid hundreds of audience in Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu.

SARWANAM has organized numerous theatre workshops in Nepal and abroad. The workshops are a blend of theoretical and practical theatre education teaching students about acting, script writing, theatre direction, History of Nepali theatre, World History of Theatre, lighting and sound techniques etc. Each workshop produces a play in the final round which is written, directed and acted by the students. Recently, Ashesh Malla gave a theatre workshop in Liverpool International Theatre Festival, Canada, where he was also the chief guest.

In 2002, Sarwanam organized a poetry recitation program, "Sarwanam Poem 2002" where 24 leading poets of Nepal- Rastra Kabi Madav Prashad Ghimire, Ishwor Ballav, Tulasi Diwas, Dwarika Shrestha and others recited their popular poems.

In the play “Mrityutsav”, renowned artist Mukesh Malla created a painting in a 3X4 feet canvas which expressed the drama's theme. While the street play was being shown, artist Malla was simultaneously creating his painting in a corner of the stage. This street play staged in Hyderabad, India is a new kind of presentation in the history of world theatre.

SARWANAM is the pioneer organization of street theatre. With a view to commemorate the day when street drama was first performed in Nepal, Sarwanam celebrates a Weeklong Street Drama Festival nationwide from Bhadra 20 to 27 every year.

SARWANAM has produced more than a dozen of tele-films advocating issues of human rights and child rights. It has also produced a tele-film on psychology of Adolescence for SAVE the Children US. Similarly, SARWANAM has prepared a number of radio dramas for various organizations and agencies. Some popular ones are listed below:

Every year SARWANAM provides SARWANAM Award to noted personalities devoted in the field of theatre. Some personalities awarded with SARWANAM Award are as follows:

With a view to facilitate the researchers working in the field of theatre and culture, SARWANAM provides SARWANAM Fellowship in every two years. This fellowship is sponsored by Mr. Aatma Ram Dahal. Some researchers awarded with SARWANAM Fellowship are:

Prachanda Malla (2052)
Dr Bhup Hari Paudel (2054)
Dr Keshav Prasad Upadhyaya (2056)
Krishna Shah Yatri