Art Center Spaces

Is there a better place to exchange views, sharing your thoughts about art over a cup of tea than in front of a beautiful bamboo tree? After having explored Sarwanam’s unique performing art centre, Café Rangakarma invites you to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and share a cup of coffee and some Nepali snacks with the artists and art lovers

Sarwanam Rangathalo is conceived as an open stage where different events will take place. Along with enjoying Sarwanam’s own plays, the audience can also enjoy the shows of national and international guests, be they dancers, musicians or actors.

The auditorium that hosts up to 170 people also serves as a venue for movie festivals. If you feel inspired to use our space to use our space for any special event, please feel free to contact us.

Our beautiful and spacious (spread over 30 sq. meters) art gallery offers a wide space for art exhibitions. Through the art gallery, Sarwanam is introducing the concept of public art which means that while artists (national and international) are creating their art, visitors can come and enjoy this art making process and further resolve their queries with the artists.
During each exhibition, special time is dedicated for meetings and interactions between artists and audience to share their feelings and opinions about art.

The Library, also the Art and Theatre Research Centre, offers a wide range of books and visual medias (CD, DVD) related to art, theatre, films and media of Nepal and worldwide.

A perfect place for art researchers, book lovers can spend their leisure time reading books or watching plays, films etc on the computer. Sarwanam book club provides a platform where writers and book lovers can meet to present and exchange their favorite books and writings.


After having experienced all kinds of art as a member of the audience, you may be curious to get active yourself. Our professional teachers introduce you to all kinds of art and help you to discover new ways to express yourself or simply get involved with a new free time activity.
Courses will be offered in: